TSM Alumna wins the Prix d’Europe at the 2024 Concours Prix d’Europe

Congratulations to TSM Alumna, violinist Dabin Zoey Yang (Chamber Music Institute 2023) on taking home the Prix d’Europe at the 2024 Concours Prix d’Europe. In addition to the Prix d’Europe, Yang was also awarded the Montreal Symphony Orchestra Youth Prize, and the Abitibienne Tour Prize, which includes recitals in Val-d’Or and Amos.

The Prix d’Europe is a Canadian study grant that is funded by the Ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec of the Government of Quebec. Established in 1911, the award has been distributed annually to a single individual through competition. Winners of the grant are given a cash prize towards furthering their musical education abroad in Europe. Past winners of the prize include a large number of notable Canadian musicians.