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Tango in the Dark

Mon Jul 24, 2023 - 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

$20 - $66


Isabel Bader Theatre, Charles Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

     Elbio Fernandez, vocals
     Rebekah Wolkstein, violin
     Drew Jurecka, bandoneon
     Joseph Phillips, double bass
     Robert Horvath, piano 

     Erin Scott-Kafadar
     Alexander Richardson 

Award-winning dance company PointeTango and acclaimed ensemble Payadora light the way through the shadows of Buenos Aires. Join the dancers of PointeTango, Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson, as they move to the rhythms of the city night with fantastic lifts, spins and the passion of Argentine tango. Tango in the Dark explores PointeTango’s mix of ballet and tango and tells a story of two lovers discovering each other as they journey through a city transformed by the shadows of nightfall.  

Payadora is an award-winning chamber music ensemble that performs its own arrangements of a core repertoire drawing from Argentinian/Uruguayan Tango and Folk music, as well as their own original compositions. Made up of a group of players who are each musical powerhouses in their own right, this “superstar group” has combined their deep knowledge of tango with their classical, jazz and world music backgrounds to create something entirely new. Their performances convey joy, virtuosity, humour and their intense passion for the music that they play. 

Tango in the Dark was originally conceived of as a film project, which the two companies created together during the pandemic.