Dancers of the Compagnie Käfig

Dance Ensemble

A major figure on the hip-hop scene since the early 1990s, Compagnie Käfig’s Artistic Director Mourad Merzouki works at the crossroads of many different disciplines: he adds circus, martial arts, fine arts, video and live music to his exploration of hip-hop dance. Without losing sight of the roots of hip-hop movement, of its social and geographical origins, this multidisciplinary approach opens new horizons and reveals original outlooks. Since 1996, 31 creations have been performed in 700 cities and 65 countries. Compagnie Käfig has given more than 4,000 performances to over 2 million spectators. A hundred or so performances around the world rhythm the life of the company each year.

  • Alary Ravin
  • Anahi Passi
  • Samuel Florimond
  • Timothée Zig
  • Ian Debono
  • Joey Gertin