June 30th, 2022

The Ontario Government has now lifted mask requirements in all settings with the exception of long-term care facilities. Businesses and organizations maintain the right to apply their own rules.

A visit to Toronto Summer Music has always provided an opportunity to gather and celebrate the best of live classical music. During the pandemic, this commitment to a common, engaging experience has not changed – but doing so safely requires careful attention to important health and safety measures.

We strongly recommend that masks be worn in our venues. At our venues, masking helps protect not only audience members but also the musicians, who cannot wear masks when performing. By keeping them safe, we all can help prevent COVID-related performance cancellations.

Wearing a mask remains an effective means of protecting yourself. We continue to advise all patrons to wear a mask when inside our facilities, and we will continue to have disposable masks available to those who have forgotten their own.

As we continue to encourage masking, we will only be permitting the consumption of food and beverages in our lobby areas, and not in our auditoriums.

The Festival will revisit the masking policy again, should there be any change in the prevalence of the virus.

For a list of performances please visit our events page: www.tosummermusic.com/events