“Each musician is a star soloist in their own right. Playing together has allowed them to develop and mature turning Payadora into a superstar group.” – The Whole Note

Payadora is an award-winning chamber music ensemble that performs Argentinian/Uruguayan tango as well as its offshoots. Their latest CD, released by Six Degrees Records, is the critically acclaimed “Silent Tears: The Last Yiddish Tango,” based on testimonies of women who survived the Holocaust. Considered the greatest East European tango album ever recorded, it has received rave reviews and press coverage including reports on the BBC, CTV, CBC television and radio. 

Payadora’s lineup features some of the most respected chamber musicians in Canada: Rebekah Wolkstein (violin), Drew Jurecka (bandoneon), Joseph Phillips (double bass), Elbio Fernandez (vocals), and Robert Horvath (piano). Founded in 2013, Payadora’s broad scope in tango draws from the height of Buenos Aires’ Tango tradition, including compositions by De Caro, Pugliese, Troilo, and Salgan, to the masterful, contemporary sounds of Astor Piazzolla and beyond.