Esder Lee


Esder Lee is currently a graduate student at University of Toronto studying violin performance major with Professor Jonathan Crow. Esder started her bachelor’s degree at Oberlin Conservatory in 2016 and transferred to McGill University, Schulich school of Music in 2018 to study with Jinjoo Cho.

Esder has received numerous scholarships, such as Lloyd Carr-Harris Scholarship, Terence Clarkson and Cornelis van de Graaff Graduate Scholarship, and University of Toronto Fellowship. Esder participated in Encore Chamber Music Festival from 2016 to 2018 and throughout her experience, she became particularly interested in teaching young and inspiring musicians to help them excel in their musical career.

Most recently, Esder taught a youth orchestra and Educator Orchestra in South Korea.

Esder Lee attends the 2021 TSM Academy courtesy of the Richard Phillips Fellowship.