Edward Wu


Edward Wu was born in 2009 in Toronto, Canada. Starting piano lessons at the age of 5, he has performed on stage annually. At the age of 8, Edward’s successfully passed his G8 RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) test, showcasing his natural talent and commitment to musical excellence. In 2022, Edward had the privilege of auditioning for the highly esteemed Phil and Eli Taylor Performance Academy for Young Artists, where he was accepted as a junior strings student. Under the guidance of the violinist Conrad Chow, Edward continues to learn and grow, embracing the opportunity to refine his skills and deepen his understanding of the violin. Throughout his musical journey, Edward has also had the privilege of participating in various competitions, including the IMFC (International Music and Festival Competition) where he achieved first prize and won medals. These experiences have led to recommendations for prestigious programs such as the FCMF National Music Festival, OMFA, and the Kindred Spirits Orchestra Young Artist Mentorship (YAM) program. Additionally, Edward’s dedication to his craft has seen him participate in competitions like the CIMC-MOMA 2023 and the Canadian Music Competition, where he reached the National Final in June 2023.