Bridge & Wolak


Bridge & Wolak are a globe-trotting music & comedy duo, merging traditional instruments with 21st-century digital technology. Michael Bridge (accordions & piano) and Kornel Wolak (clarinet & piano) perform their own original brand of fusion, drawing from their classical roots, and loves for folk, jazz and tango music. With deft virtuosity and endless wit, they have been called the “Victor Borges of the 21st Century.” Fun-loving gentlemen (with seven degrees in music), they represent the modern conception of musician- entertainer-educators. “Watch and be amazed!” —CBC

Across Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, France, Ecuador, the USA and Canada, Bridge & Wolak have mystified audiences of all sizes (and can tell you all the best vegetarian restaurants.) Most concerts include a Q & A, so have your questions ready and expect riotous answers – they’ve been asked everything from “How can Kornel play for 5 minutes without breathing?” to “Do you like girls??” (by a grade 5 student).

B&W is widely known for their commitment to education. They founded and launched the Bridge & Wolak Music Mentorship Program—an online program for teens, to foster their interest in post-secondary arts education. In collaboration with Queen’s University, their full show with orchestra, TANGORIUM, premiered in 2022.

Dr. Kornel Wolak teaches clarinet at Queen’s University and Dr. Michael Bridge teaches frequent masterclasses on the music business and accordion performance. Collectively holding seven degrees in music, they frequently offer school concerts and university masterclasses/lectures throughout their tours. Dr. Wolak is also a pioneer in collaborative research in oral articulators with the department of Speech-Language Pathology, University of Toronto, which led to the publication of peer-reviewed scientific articles and his two books on woodwind pedagogy.

Together, Bridge & Wolak were nominated for the BC Touring Artist of the Year award in 2019 and have collaborated with CBC, TVO and other broadcasters for TV and radio specials. They gratefully acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council for financially supporting their international touring.