Ali Massoudi


As an experienced musician, Ali Massoudi plays several percussion instruments and works with music scholars.

During his career, he has had the opportunity to work with many famous musicians, as well as musical ensembles and orchestras, including concerts with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra conducted by Majid Entezami, Manouchehr Sahbai, Shahrdad Rohani, Nader Mortezapour during numerous concerts in Iran, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland. Also, he performed with the Iran National Music Orchestra conducted by Farhad Fakhreddini with concerts in Iran.

In addition, Ali Massoudi has performed on national television and film soundtracks as a part of symphony orchestras and traditional percussion and Kurdish ensembles. Performing with some traditional ensembles such as Naghmeye Kimia, Eal, Hamnavazane Mehr, Parnian, Taranome Jan, and Mahtab Rou, he has toured extensively to perform in concerts in Iran, China, France, Germany, Austria, Cuba, and Turkey.

Since immigrating to Canada, Ali Massoudi has been collaboratively performing with Andalib, Shiraz, and Barg Ensembles in concerts presented in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. He is also the leader of Navaye Kimia Ensemble, frequently performing throughout the Toronto area including performing at the Tirgan Festival in 2017 in Toronto and giving two recent concerts with Ramiz Guliyev and Maziar Heidari.

Ali Massoudi is also the author of five authoritative training books for tonbak, daf, and udu.